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Why Meditate?

Meditation has numerous benefits for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.


Many people turn to meditation having experienced a life crisis but wouldn't it be incredible to tap into this resource within your own mind to help you find your balance, heal and find calm to prevent the crisis from occurring in the first place.


How empowering is that? 

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Meditation balances the body and mind and with regular practise you will notice a profound change. There are many reasons why people turn to meditation. Here are some of the symptoms it can help to regulate:

Stress, anxiety, insomnia, addiction, depression, low energy, anger issues, unhappiness, low self worth, creative blocks, high blood pressure, cardiovascular health, disconnected relationships, immune system disorders, a feeling that you are on auto pilot, wanting more from life than the mundane

And when the negative stuff has been given some attention, there's plenty of space for the good stuff to thrive. And here's the good stuff: 

- joy

- bliss

- happiness

- feeling of stability and calm

- unleashing your creativity

- realising your purpose in life

- finding the beautiful in the previously mundane

- feeling of connection to your family and friends (and even those people who you aren't very fond of)

Learning to meditate teaches you a skill that gives your mind much needed breathing space. And once it has a little room to breathe, it can do incredible things...

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