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121 Meditation Coaching

Are you looking for meditative techniques and tailored well-being guidance,  to help you resolve experiences such as anxiety, insomnia, burnout etc? Would you like to feel empowered in your ability to manage your well-being yourself? Or perhaps you are looking for something more in life - more happiness, more focus, more creativity, deeper intuitive thinking? 

With almost a decade of meditation experience and having taught hundreds of people to meditate independently, I will create a bespoke meditation plan for you that will ease those physical, emotional and psychological annoyances and create the space for incredible transformation in your life.


Book in for a chat or email me for more information 

"The 121 meditation coaching is brilliant - Becca you are such a good teacher.  I was new to it before my training with you this summer.  I wanted to thank you for teaching me and let everyone else know how beneficial it has been for me.  I did the alternate breath pranayama this morning which I find so good for helping me to start the day and focus energy. 


The techniques you gave me are extremely helpful and you taught me perfectly."  


Rob, Hove

Your tailored meditation and well-being plan will include:

- individually tailored meditations chosen to address your needs;

- all the knowledge you need to meditate independently and to become empowered in maintaining your own well-being;

- short & simple techniques to enhance your life;

- tailored tips and motivational guidance on establishing a meditation routine.


You will receive:

- 4 x 1.5 hour in person 121 coaching;

- access to online content to dip into for advice and inspiration whenever you need;

- video tutorials to guide you through each meditation;

- downloadable guidance on how to set up a lifelong meditation habit;

- downloadable audio meditation guides;

- ongoing support in your meditation journey;

BONUS: a range of tutorials to help you sleep better, swap stress for bliss,

fit meditation into your busy day etc. 

PLUS: Book by 30 April 2024 and you will receive 20% off AND 

a free chakra analysis and frequency healing to balance your energetic system

121 tailored meditation tuition explores the heart of your physical, emotional or mental experiences and will empower you and give you the tools to manage life's ups and downs going forward. 


Plus, you will learn so many incredible, life enhancing and utterly transformative meditative techniques. There’s life before meditation and there’s life after meditation. Life afterwards is better. Way better.

If you would like to find out more, book in for a chat or email

"I had a private 121 coaching with Becca which gave me an amazing foundation in different types of meditation - a fantastic way to find which ones suit you best.   She is a wonderful teacher, truly talented and super nice!   She has extensive knowledge of all types of meditation and she taught me a mix of theory and practice - learnt so much that impacts my daily life. Not only really enjoyable but it was such great value for money as we now use what we learned in our lives every day and feel so more able to cope with life’s stresses.  An absolute convert!

Highly recommended if you feel in a rut because Becca gives you such positivity so you feel empowered to conquer anything."


Cris, Hove

“I thoroughly enjoyed the one-to-one meditation course I did with Becca and found it hugely benefitted my sleep and generally helped me feel calm and grounded.


I learnt several different meditation techniques - all with their own unique features which I found really interesting. I also learnt the history of meditation and how it is used across various cultures. As well as experiencing each approach, Becca has a very comprehensive website with further information and guidance. 

I would thoroughly recommend the course to those new to meditation or with previous experience.”

Fiona, Hove

“ Becca helped me in my life when I really needed re-centring.  Meditation worked and continues to work a treat. I can't thank Becca enough and I continue to reap the benefits on what meditation has brought to my life”


Formally very skeptical  Simon, Brighton

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