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"Cloud Seven...

...completely happy, perfectly satisfied; in a euphoric state."

Hello…my name is Becca Kilvington. I live in Hove, East Sussex by the sea with my husband and three children.


I came to meditating in 2014 whilst struggling to deal with the challenges of parenting three very small girls…I felt permanently on red alert, anxious, irritable and I wasn’t sleeping properly. As any other parent can appreciate, I was very time poor and couldn’t seem to find a moment to relax and even when I did, I was unable to unwind. My body and my mind were taught and exhausted with the accumulation of stress that I was unable to release. My intuitive capabilities were muted, I felt disconnected to my family, I had little energy and my creative output was zero. Something was not right and something needed to change.

I tried various things but the thing that immediately stuck was meditation. On my first session, I had a rush of elation and I knew I was onto something here. Since that day I have been continuously learning and discovering more about this fascinating practice that gives you a tool not only to calm those physical annoyances that brought you to meditation in the first place, but also opens the door to a world that you never saw before and is sitting right in front of you waiting to be discovered.

Although I sometimes have wobbles with anxiety and sleep because that’s life, I now know that these wobbles will be short lived and temporary and as long as I continue with my meditation practice, my mind will calm and I will find that stillness again. And that is a very empowering feeling.

I should also mention my children at this point. Before I meditated, my state of mind was reflected in my childrens’ behaviour. They were impatient, irritable and unsettled. When I started meditating, the first and most profound change I noticed was that they calmed down within a few weeks too even though they were not meditating at that point. It was really quite extraordinary. So things are now much calmer and more connected at home. The kids meditate when they feel like it and help me test out new techniques for teaching children. When they do, their happiness levels rise, they are less grumpy and can handle life’s daily imperfections with more grace.

If you'd like to find about more about my story, take a look at this podcast on intuitive thinking and meditation being interviewed by the lovely Solveig Berg: Podcast

I have completed the following accreditations:

- Beginner, Advanced and Veda Meditation courses: Will Williams

- Meditation Teacher Training: Charlie Knowles

- Teaching Children Meditation: Lorraine Murray

- Pranayama Breathwork: Loka Yoga

- Coaching: Joanna Hunter

- Conscious Reading (accessing the Information Field): Solveig Berg


My meditative journey has also taken me outside the scope of pure meditation and sparked an interest in the chakra energy system, ayurvedic health and nutrition, and womens' health.

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