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Meditation for children


Children are natural meditators. They are naturally able to follow a meditation and use their unfettered imaginations and unencumbered awareness to guide their own bodies and minds into a state of balance. In fact, children up to the age of around 12, are able to spontaneously drop into transcendence (when adults first start learning to meditate, memories of transcending as a child will often come back to them.)


The process of meditation will be different from an adult (for example they may wish to move while meditating), however the insights that they have during a meditation are amazingly perceptive and intuitive. Which is why teaching children to meditate is so thought provoking and rewarding. 

Click here for more information about the health benefits of meditation for children.

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Mindfulness and Meditation in Schools

I teach mindfulness and meditation in after school clubs and as part of a schools' wellbeing programme in the Sussex area. If you are interested in adding these sessions to your school activities, please do get in touch by booking a call above or emailing


I hold an enhanced DBS certificate, have full public liability insurance and my teacher training certificate is available on request. 

"Becca came to speak to some of our pupils in the run up to exams. Her calming presence when delivering sessions gave them the confidence to try the skills themselves, both in the session as well as in everyday life. She was welcoming and created a relaxed environment for all pupils."


Bridget Laatz, Head of Safeguarding

St Christopher's Prep School, Hove


121 tailored meditation therapy

I start with an initial free online or phone consultation with the parent/carer to have a chat about how meditation can benefit your child and will assess the child's individual needs.


I then put together a tailored meditation programme for your child and see them for 45 minutes per session.


The number of sessions each child will need will vary but on average, a child will benefit from 3-4 sessions. We will learn between 3 and 4 techniques per session. Here are a few of the techniques your child may learn depending on their needs:

  • breathwork to release stress and aid relaxation;

  • colour therapy to balance energy and relax;

  • sound meditations - these are powerful energy balancing techniques;

  •  visualisations to induce positive emotions such as happiness and to process difficult emotions such as sadness and grief.

  •  energy balancing meditations such as grounding techniques (particularly beneficial to children with ADHD and autism), solar plexus meditations (great for children with OCD and other compulsive behaviours), heart centre meditations to help form connections to others (helpful for children with autism) etc. 

  • meditations for managing chronic pain.

I also offer parental support to help you manage challenging circumstances. 

To book a free chat above or email me at


"My son often gets anxious and can be overwhelmed by his feelings. He did a course with Becca across a number of weeks and found them very helpful, engaging and relaxing. Becca gave him some incredibly valuable techniques to deal with difficult emotions and help him de-stress. And he had fun in the process, thanks to her natural ability to entertain kids he always came out of the sessions with a big smile on his face!"


Mum of 10 year old boy 

"Becca used clever ways to engage my son and tailored each session using his current interests. She also followed his lead for what he may like in the next session so it was a very organic experience and made my son feel very comfortable... He was engaged and relaxed throughout and really enjoyed every part. I also love that Becca encouraged him to move freely if he felt he needed to with no pressure to sit still.


We've now got a great toolkit which he understands and wants to use whenever he needs. After his last session he said he didn't want them to end which isn't the usual answer I get when we have tried classes and he's not felt quite comfortable. We plan to have regular  refresher sessions where we can."

Mum of 5 year old boy

Children with special needs

I am qualified to teach children with special needs including autism and ADHD. For children with ADHD and autism, meditation helps find respite from their often super sensory world and lets them sink into a world that is a little softer around the edges. 

I have much experience in helping children to manage symptoms of OCD and this area is one that lies close to my heart. I have had great success in treating children with OCD through various forms of meditation and am able to intuit what your child needs to ease the symptoms they present. 

I am a qualified Connected Kids Tutor, having trained with Lorraine Murray. I am also DBS checked with an enhanced DBS Certificate. 

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