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Meditation Brighton & Hove

Breathwork & Meditation Classes


From March to October, I run beachside meditation classes in Brighton & Hove on the deck at Rockwater on Sunday at 7.45 am. These classes are an absolute joy - we take inspiration from the movements of the sea and moon and the beautiful natural surroundings of the beach. 


A class pass for 6 classes is available (they do not need to be taken consecutively. 

(There is free parking on Kingsway until 9am.)



121 Meditation Brighton & Hove

If you are looking for a tailored, in person, deep dive into meditation in Brighton or Hove, I offer private meditation courses in Brighton & Hove (or on Zoom if further afield).

You will receive:

- 4 types of meditation (including mindfulness and transcendent self discovery meditations);

- 4 in person sessions with me for exceptional tailored advice, tutoring & general well-being guidance;

- lifetime access to online downloadable meditations & audio guides, tips and guidance;

- content easily accessible online or on the Teachable IOS app;

- downloadable micro meditations to fit into your day. 

Group Zoom courses


If you would like to learn to meditate in a group setting, check out my Infinite Calm meditation course.












Kids Meditation Brighton & Hove

If you are looking for kids meditation in Brighton & Hove, I offer tailored sessions to suit their individual needs. These sessions work really well for children with additional needs who need tools in helping them manage daily life. 

There is more information here or please do get in touch if you have any questions on on 07786 315314 or

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