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Mum of 10 year old boy, Hove


My son often gets anxious and can be overwhelmed by his feelings. He did a course with Becca across a number of weeks and found them very helpful, engaging and relaxing. Becca gave him some incredibly valuable techniques to deal with difficult emotions and help him de-stress. And he had fun in the process, thanks to her natural ability to entertain kids he always came out of the sessions with a big smile on his face!

Mollie, 10 year old girl, Hove


Hi! I’m Mollie I have focal epilepsy I have painful spasms that keep me awake at night. It also affects my mental health. Becca really helped me she always makes the meditation fun and also helps me feel better when I had a bad day. I did a 6 week course with Becca and she really helped me get over the feelings in my head. She is such a great teacher and I would definitely recommend her. She is so comforting and always knows what to do whether you're happy, sad or even if you're feeling fine. We’ve done many meditations like one where I imagined that I was in a bubble and I felt so safe. I told becca that I was very anxious before bedtime and she showed me a meditation that tackled my worries. She also showed me a meditation with all of the chakras, I felt clearing in the left side of my brain (where the epilepsy developed from).Becca is an amazing teacher please choose her she is the best meditation teacher I ever had she is amazing!

Kelly, Hove


I have just finished the cloud seven meditation introduction course and I'm sad it's come to an end! I already practice meditation but I still learn't so much from this course. We learn't 4 different types of meditations, including the theory and the practical of each of them. Becca is a very knowledgable, warm, friendly, encouraging teacher. Her meditation voice is very soothing too. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the meditation practices and will definitely keep it up daily. I highly recommend Becca's meditation course and would love everyone to try it as I know it has huge health benefits. There is a meditation style to suit everyone and Becca can help you to find it.

White Branch

Silvia, Hove

"A few days ago I completed the Cloud Seven Introduction to Meditation course which I enjoyed very much. My only regret is that I have not started to practice Meditation earlier in life. I am sure it would have helped me greatly during some very difficult periods in my life.

Becca is a very warm and sensitive person and an excellent teacher whom one feels comfortable with immediately. She speaks in a very soothing and relaxing voice and the audios which come with the course are instantly calming.

I have practised what I have been taught daily and after one month I already feel a difference in myself, mentally and physically. I feel more relaxed, mindful and grounded. I am also sleeping better than I have ever done.

I recommend the Cloud Seven Introduction to Meditation course highly to anyone striving for better wellbeing and contentment."

White Branch

Lisa, Hove

"I just finished my Meditation for Parents course with Becca, I am so glad I did it. We all lead busy hectic lives at times and I wanted to explore how meditation can enhance, relax and help with stress etc..


Becca explains everything really well and it really helped me grasp how beneficial it is to our mind, body and health. It’s a great course to help bring a bit of meditation into your daily routine.


I have been quite surprised at how effective it can be. I suffer from migraines and one particular meditation helps with the pain. Try meditation... you won’t regret it I promise you."

White Branch

Rob, Hove

"The 121 Introduction to Meditation course is brilliant - Becca you are such a good teacher.  I was new to it before my training with you this summer.  I wanted to thank you for teaching me and let everyone else know how beneficial it has been for me.  I did the alternate breath pranayama this morning which I find so good for helping me to start the day and focus energy. 


The techniques you gave me are extremely helpful and you taught me perfectly. 


Thanks so much Becca." 


White Branch

Mother of 9 year old girl,


"I just wanted to say thank you for the mindfulness sessions you have been doing for the children at school. My daughter was just in a break out room during one of her lessons, one of the children was getting upset and worried and she just talked her though some mindfulness techniques to help her calm down (she got the other child to imagine a calm beautiful landscape and the. did the rock visualisation - throwing the worry away). It was so lovely to eavesdrop and see that she has really taken your ideas to heart. 

So a MASSIVE thank you!"

White Branch

Claire, Hove

"Becca’s Introduction to Meditation course is fantastic! She taught me a lot about different types of meditation, all explained in an easy to understand way that has really stuck with me. It kick started my meditation practise this year and has kept it going. I’m really feeling the benefits."

White Branch

Jo, Hove

"I did Becca's online Introduction to Meditation course last month and it has been a game changer for me during lockdown. If you are looking for a way to ‘get away from it all’ without leaving the house and you need a bit of ‘me’ time, then I would highly recommend it. It’s a 4-week course, but gives you the tools to meditate for the rest of your life - including guidance audio files. I loved it."

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