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Rockwater Beachside Meditation

From March to October, I run a beachside Sunday morning class at 7.45am at Rockwater in Hove. We start with some breathwork utilising the restorative sea air and then I guide you through a gentle meditation using the seascape and beautiful beach setting around us as inspiration. We then finish with a lovely, deep body relaxation to the soothing sounds of the sea. 

A 6 x class pass is available to purchase at checkout. The classes do not need to be taken consecutively. 


"Having had a wonderful Sunday morning meditation class with Becca, sitting on the deck facing the best view in Hove, I always come away feeling grounded, relaxed and ready to face the day.

Becca's teaching has given me the ability to fit micro meditations into my daily routine.  Either during my drive to work or helping me to drop off to sleep. Thank you Becca for your understanding, help and great knowledge!"

Ellie, Hove

"Becca’s Sunday morning meditation sessions are often the highlight of my weekend!   I struggle to meditate on my own and really love coming together with a group in such an amazing setting to practise different breathing and meditation techniques and find some stillness. Becca is so warm, welcoming and knowledgable, and such a lovely presence; her sessions always seem to give me exactly what I need."

Jude, Hove


Meditation for Busy People

If you are short on time but would like to tap into the benefits of meditation, this is the course  programme for you. A fabulous collection of online meditations lasting between 1-5 minutes long.

Infinite Calm

Join me on my signature meditation course for those who would like to swap stress for bliss.  






Here's what a super busy lady, former Dragon from Dragon's Den, entrepreneur, CEO of Nightcap PLC and mum of four, Sarah Willingham says:

"I love this! The content is great, it's easy to use and fit into my busy life and very good in practise...the techniques are super useful for daily well-being."

I've been experiencing bad anxiety as a result of the perimenopause and was keen to try meditation. I felt immediately at ease with Becca as she clearly set out on day one what to expect and made sure that the session was paced just right. At each session I learnt the history and benefits of a different meditation and we did a guided meditation. Becca has a very calming presence and I felt safe in her hands. I've now completed the course, am completely sold on the benefits of meditation, am practising every day and my anxiety has reduced massively. Becca has continued to check in with me and I know she is there if I have any questions. I would definitely recommend Cloud Seven Meditation.”

Kirsten, Hove

121 meditation coaching

121 tailored meditation coaching explores the heart of your physical, emotional or mental experiences and will give you tools to manage these.


Plus, you will learn so many incredible, life enhancing and utterly transformative meditative techniques. There’s life before meditation and there’s life after meditation. Life afterwards is better. Way better.

To book a free 15 minute consultation, click below.

"I had a private 121 meditation coaching with Becca which gave me an amazing foundation in different types of meditation - a fantastic way to find which ones suit you best.   She is a wonderful teacher, truly talented and super nice!   She has extensive knowledge of all types of meditation and she taught me a mix of theory and practice - learnt so much that impacts my daily life. Not only really enjoyable but it was such great value for money as we now use what we learned in our lives every day and feel so more able to cope with life’s stresses.  An absolute convert!

Highly recommended if you feel in a rut because Becca gives you such positivity so you feel empowered to conquer anything."


Cris, Hove

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