Learn to Meditate Courses

Introduction to Meditation

It is so important when you start to meditate that you find a type of meditation that suits you. Not only do you to maximise the possible health benefits to you but also, if you don’t enjoy a particular type or can’t fit it into your day, then you won’t be meditating for long!


You can also dip into the other practices when need be. For example, if you are feeling low on energy and need a boost, practise Alternate Nostril Pranayama. Or if you have an important business meeting, you may wish to dip into calm focus and set some intentions for what you would like the outcome to be. If you would love to be really present with your children, then you could quickly fit in some Anapana breathing. 

There are 4 x 1.5 hour sessions in a course with one session per week for a month to enable to you practise and assimilate each technique. I am currently running the courses on Zoom with catch-up recordings available if you are unable to make a class. 


On a Cloud Seven course, you will delve into the following practices and techniques:

Present Moment Awareness

Anapana Breathing

(basis for mindfulness)

Good for:​

  • Honing your ability to live in the present moment

  • Reducing stress and improving sleep

  • Allowing you to react to situations in a calmer, clearer way 

Calm Focus

Loving Kindness Meditation

Good for:

  • Setting an intention to create a future outcome

  • Letting go of a past

  • Connecting to yourself and to others through your heart centre

Energised Body and Mind

Alternate Nostril Pranayama

Good for:

  • Energising your body and mind

  • Restoring balance using both hemi-spheres of the brain

  • Releasing energy without the stress hormones

Transcendence Self Discovery

Mantra Meditation

Good for:

  • Deep relaxation

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Improved sleep

  • Deep inner healing 

  • Blissful expansion of the mind

When you book an Introduction to Meditation course, each week you will receive:

  • the technique to practise each meditation independently;

  • FREE 1 year subscription to my online Meditations for Busy People 

  • tips and guidance to establish a routine and fit meditation into your day;

  • an audio guided meditation to download onto your device to help you initially;

  • catch-up recording if you miss a class

  • your own "meditation toolkit" to help you apply what you have learnt in daily life. 

  • support from me as you start your meditation journey - I am always on hand if you have any questions

I would be happy to answer any questions you have about the course and meditation in general. Please do give me a call on 07786 315314. 

Private tuition

I teach my online meditation courses privately in person at times that are convenient to you. 

I also put together tailored meditation and wellness programmes to suit your individual health and lifestyle needs. This is an excellent option if there is a specific health issue that you would like to address. Within your personal programme, I include breathwork, sound and colour therapy, meditation, micro meditations along with well being advice and help in fitting meditation into your lifestyle.

For more information, please contact Becca on 07786 315314 or becca@cloudsevenmeditation.com